Navigating Cloud Contracts

Navigating Cloud Contracts
One Hour – 9 am PT / 12 noon ET

In traditional software licensing (on-premises), the vendor installs the software in the customer’s environment. The customer has the ability to have the software configured to meet its particular business needs and retains control over its data.

In a cloud computing environment, the software and the customer’s data are hosted by the vendor, typically in a shared environment (i.e., many customers per server) and the software configuration is much more homogeneous across all customers.

Thus, in the cloud environment, the customer’s top priorities shift from configuration, implementation and acceptance to service levels (availability, responsiveness and remedies) and data (security, redundancy and use).

The following issues will be discussed:

  • Cloud Computing vs On-Premises
    • Distinction and Similarity of Issues
  • Authorized Users
  • Fees and Hidden Charges
  • Warranties
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Data Ownership, Security and Breach
  • Term and Termination
  • Indemnification: Data Brach and Intellectual Property
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Limits of Liability; Insurance


  • Understand the key issues relating to “cloud” based solutions
  • Ensure appropriate warranty support, maintenance, and response times
  • Address disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure on-going operation and support
  • Minimize your risks and maximize your rights
  • Ensure you get what you paid for
  • Receive handout which includes a checklist of these key issues

Who Should Attend:  Anyone involved in the supply chain

If you’d like to submit a question for discussion,  please email [email protected], in advance

Leslie S. Marell

Attorney | Speaker | Developer | Author

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