Demystifying the Indemnity Clause

Demystifying the Indemnity Clause
One Hour – 9 am PT / 12 noon ET

The indemnity clause is one of the most confusing clauses in the contract. It’s a challenge just to read through the entire section, let alone understand it!

This webinar will take you step by step through the indemnity clause and explain – in plain English – the meaning of the language and the important issues to consider. You will have an opportunity to read portions of several indemnity clauses from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective.  The goal of this webinar is to provide you with a greater understanding of the issues, the ability to discuss the issues with your attorney, and a higher comfort level.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The purpose of the indemnity clause
  • It’s not just “legal”:
    • It boils down to who is going to pay the money
  • Types of indemnity:
    • General Liability/ Intellectual Property Infringement/ Confidentiality Violations/ Breach of Contract
  • Contractual/ First Party indemnity vs Third party indemnity
  • Importance of the word “defend”
  • The correlation of Insurance to Indemnity
  • Relationship between Indemnity and Limitation of Liability clauses
  • Typical seller problems with buyer proposed indemnity clauses
  • And, answers to the questions you ask during the webinar.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  Anyone involved in the supply chain

If you’d like to submit a question for discussion,  please email [email protected], in advance

Leslie S. Marell

Attorney | Speaker | Developer | Author

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