In-House Seminars

We offer seminars to increase the proficiency of your staff to better write, negotiate more cost effective contracts. We are affordable, convenient, and necessary in today’s business environment. Training is critical in these challenging times!

On-Site Benefits:

Convenient –    Set your own schedule for training.
Economical –   Save time and money by bringing the training in-house
Immediate Results –    Improve the overall quality of your organization’s contracts
Group Collaboration – Interactive discussions of common issues
Customizable – Training is tailored to your specific needs and environment and your contracts will be used.

Time is one of the most valuable commodities of which companies are in short supply.  The effective use of that time is critical in order to maintain success and competitiveness.

Training employees is also critical to the success of companies. The dilemma we face, however, is that good, results-oriented, face-to-face training takes time……usually too much time.

  • Negotiate better deals
  • Increase insight into the legal issues and work with your legal department
  • Write meaningful Warranties
  • Understand the Indemnity clause
  • Learn negotiating tactics you can use
  • Better control supplier/ customer relationships

You can choose an In-House training program that meets your company needs.  You say when and where and we’ll bring to you our cutting-edge In-House seminar!  Contact us today.  You will save time and money while your employees are being trained in the comfort of your own facility.

In Conclusion:

  • Save travel time and out-of-office expenses
  • Entire teams and/or departments can be trained together
  • Held in the confidential atmosphere of your company
  • Semi-customized to meet specific needs of your company

All this in “Plain English” — Your cost for this program is as cost-effective as it is time-effective